TransGlobal Reporters

Certified Court Reporters, Interpreters and Videographers Serving
The Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia.


Asia, seemingly overnight, has become the epicenter of the high-tech manufacturing universe. That’s why we are here – not by proxy, not just in name, but with boots-on-the-ground human assets in Asia. That means seasoned, certified real-time court reporters, interpreters and videographers living and working in Asia; experienced people who have collaborated in producing thousands of pages of transcript over the last six years, having worked on some of the world’s largest and most challenging IP and technology cases. That’s important, because with one phone call you can be assured of the highest quality transcript and video production, as well as tremendous cost savings to you and your clients: No U.S. to Asia airfares.


Just as important, TransGlobal has transcript production capability through our U.S. offices, so while your deposition is reported in Asia, transcripts that are to be delivered in the U.S. will be produced and shipped from our Atlanta office, resulting in low-cost domestic delivery fees as opposed to having your transcript shipped from Asia. If you are a law firm based in Europe, you will be pleased to learn that soon we will have a European-based production facility that will operate identical to our U.S. operation, i.e., billing and production emanating from Europe to counsel based in Europe, paid in either pound sterling or in euros.