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Certified Court Reporters, Interpreters and Videographers Serving
The Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia.

TransGlobal Reporters, Inc., is a privately owned international court reporting and litigation support firm whose principals have been in the litigation support business since 1968.  All of our reporters are real-time capable, each with a minimum of 20 years of experience, and averaging over 30 years working in litigation support, deploying the latest technology in the practice of their craft, ensuring the most accurate and rapid production of transcript.   All are accustomed to working internationally, no hand holding required.  Tuesday in Tel Aviv?  No problem.  Medellin in March? We’re there. 


Our digital video deposition department is managed by a University of London Film School graduate who has worked globally in the legal industry for nearly ten years.  Videoconferencing is available at all of our listed conference room locations, as well as live Internet streaming video and steno.  Our corporate office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., with satellite locations and conference rooms in nearly 100 countries.  We employ only seasoned professional reporters who possess exceptional skills and decades of experience.  


When to call us.  When you are taking depositions or engaged in an arbitration in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South and Central America or the Middle East where the production of an accurate record is especially important; when the last thing you want is a neophyte reporter unfamiliar with technical terminology specific to your case;  when it is absolutely essential that the real-time translation and/or rough draft ASCII reflect what actually happened at the proceeding; when it is critical that the rough draft and real-time translation are readable and useful tools that can be utilized in cross-examination or for preparing for the next day’s proceeding; when it is important that the transcript be delivered when promised.


News from BermudaTransGlobal is now licensed and fully permitted to provide court reporting and video deposition services in Bermuda.   We are the only U.S. court reporting company fully licensed and authorized to do business in Bermuda.   We recently reported an eight-day submissions argument before the Bermuda Supreme Court.


News from Asia We now have personnel and assets on the ground in Asia.   For detailed explanation of what this means to you, see our TransGlobal Asia page.    


What our clients are saying.




Richard E. Genter, Esquire;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
I have been a practicing attorney since 1979 and have been handling aviation accident litigation cases for over 25 years.  I first met Dennis in the late 1980s and he remains to this day one of the finest aviation court reporters I have ever come across.  Dennis had complete command of aviation terminology in general and always made certain to learn case specific aviation terms prior to depositions being taken so that there would not be any unnecessary interruptions during the depositions.  Dennis could also rapidly turn out a daily transcript, virtually error free, so that you could feel 100% confident using that transcript for any purpose prior to the final transcript being produced.  I highly recommend Dennis to report any aviation case in which you are involved.


Construction and Engineering


J. Michael Grier, Esquire;  Warden & Grier, Kansas City:   
My firm has contracted with TransGlobal Reporters and Mr. Zambataro on numerous occasions over the last 15 years.  The services provided were nothing short of outstanding, and the daily copy was instrumental in our success.  TransGlobal  is our "go to" reporting service for all of our complex, multi-party, and international matters.



Daniel Toomey, Esquire;  Duane Morris, LLP, Washington, D.C.:
It has been my great pleasure to work with Mr. Zambataro’s firm in a number of complex, lengthy arbitrated disputes.  His skills as a court reporter are without question.  The real treat is that, in addition to his copy being word perfect, he is extremely easy to work with and very accommodating.   Additionally, transcript turnaround time is close to instantaneous.  I would highly recommend his firm in any case regardless of the complexity.



John Dewey Watson, Esquire;  Friday, Eldredge & Clark, Little Rock, Arkansas:

I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided to the arbitration panel, counsel, parties, and witnesses during the four weeks of hearing of the complicated construction contract case in Minneapolis.  The real-time translation was fantastic, allowing me to take notes on my own computer and double check dates, document numbers, and phrasing of testimony at a glance.  Your daily transcripts were useful in assisting me as a member of the arbitration panel to know exactly what each witness said and make timely and, hopefully, good decisions relating to the final outcome of the case.  Your familiarity with engineering and construction terms saved time for all of us. 



Carl A. Calvert, Esquire; Calvert and Menicucci, Albuquerque, New Mexico:
I was the chairperson of a three-person arbitration panel on which Dennis provided real-time court reporting.  The case stretched over four weeks.  It involved eight parties.  The quality of the real-time translation, which each of the arbitrators received at their desks, was excellent.  Moreover, a revised and corrected copy was provided in the evening of the same day.  We frequently ran late in the day and there were several delays and extensions.  Dennis accommodated us through all of these schedule changes   In future cases I will recommend that TransGlobal be used as the real-time court reporting agency. 


Securities Litigation


Paul Stivers, Esquire; Retired Partner, Rogers & Hardin, Atlanta, Georgia:

Mr. Zambataro did an outstanding job as the reporter on a securities arbitration matter that lasted for many weeks.  He is the epitome of a professional reporter:  unobtrusive at the hearing, efficient, and extremely accurate.  It is obvious that he holds himself to the same high standards that we as trial lawyers demand of ourselves and our staffs.  He is clearly at the top tier of his profession, and I am pleased to be able to recommend him without reservation.